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Wow! So many questions from one headline. It seems unreal, but it's oh so true.

A mom in Oregan, United States, stopped at a shop to buy a few things and, she says, because she knew it was going to be quick, she left her four-year-old child in the car with the engine running.

She got the fright of her life when she saw a thief had gotten into her car and was driving off with her son still in the back. Once the thief realised that the child was still in the car, he drove back to the shop.

Crystal Learly told KPTV FOX 12 that the thief scolded her for leaving her son in the car and threatened to report her to the police. What the…?

But wait, there's more. The thief then told Learly to take her son out of the car, and then he drove off in it. Again.

While the mom got the fright of her life and is very emotional about the whole incident, police are baffled by the thief's behaviour. The car is still missing, but at least the boy is safe at home with his family.

Watch the KPTV FOX 12 video below for more info on this almost unbelievable story.

Image credit: 6ABC Philadelphia

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