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As South Africa welcomes the middle of winter, other countries are battling an extreme heatwave. The Pacific Northwest has caused record-breaking temperatures of over 37°C. 

People are trying to cope with the blistering heat by relaxing in a nice cold swimming pool or staying inside under the air conditioner. However, the wildlife is not so lucky. They are struggling to keep their temperatures down during this hectic heat.

Joe Rojas-Burke, a science writer for the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute in Portland, US, has been trying hard during this heatwave to help the wildlife in the area. A thirsty squirrel recently came to visit him in his yard and, to try and help, Joe offered the thirsty squirrel an ice cube so that it could have a cold drink. Joe placed the ice cube on the fence and took a few steps back to allow the squirrel to have a drink without feeling threatened. He posted a video of the moment on Twitter, revealing how much the adorable creature is enjoying the cold beverage. Cleary being very grateful for the ice cube, the squirrel didn't even seem to mind Rojas-Burke filming.

Helping friends stay cool in Portland's record-setting heat wave pic.twitter.com/Tlb1WLYGnq

Rojas-Burke also refilled his birdbath with water twice a day so that the neighbourhood birds and bees could stay hydrated. 

As summer creeps back in the southern hemisphere, remember that the birds, bees and even the smallest of bugs need water too. You can help local wildlife during these heated times by leaving bowls of fresh, clean water out in shady locations. You can make a change and help those in need with just a simple action.

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