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Get ready to read the makeup review of a lifetime... or the best eyeliner ever? Either way, the story itself is unbelievable. Shelby Pagan, 25, is an ER nurse who lives in Boston. She had a tough time when she ran out of gas on the highway and had to stop on the side of the road with her hazards on to call roadside assistance. Unfortunately, another driver wasn't focused on the road and hit her car at 56mph, injuring her neck, knee and head. She took a selfie for her mom after the paramedics on scene had attended to her to reassure her mom that she wasn't in any immediate danger... but that's when she saw her eyeliner was STILL on point!

When she posted the photo on social media to explain to her friends and family what had happened, even her friends noticed how perfect her eyeliner was despite the running mascara (after they made sure she was ok of course). Shelby then said:"So I decided to give credit where it’s due and write the review on Kat Von D's website." Obviously, she gave it a five star rating, explaining the situation and how it lasted throughout the whole ordeal saying she would "never buy another eyeliner again".

After posting the photo, another woman replied with a picture (slightly more gory) saying that she too had an accident yet her eyeliner remained perfectly winged despite the blood dripping down her face – her caption read: "can confirm this liner is 10/10 accident proof".

AND THEN ANOTHER WOMAN posted an even gorier photo of herself in a neck brace with a massive gash on her head and would you believe it... perfect eyeliner!

Damn Kat Von D, either your eyeliner is cursed or it's a miracle – we can't tell which one it is!

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