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Prepare yourself for absolute hysterics in this compilation. This dude has been scaring his wife continuously since 2014 and filmed them all.

Amazingly, this lady named Shannon hasn't passed away from a heart attack. You see, her husband, Matt, has been scaring her for the past six years. Oh yes, and recording all of her reactions on film.

Undoubtedly, she has more patience than the pope to put up with his antics. Although, he's pretty patient himself, waiting for just the right moment to, literally, frighten the pee out of her.

That's right, occasionally, a little wee escapes her as she shrieks out in fear. It's hilarious to watch, although probably not that funny for poor Shannon. She's a good sport though and clearly used to it as she calmly carries on with whatever it was that she was doing.

What's even more hilarious is that most of the time, Matt doesn't even make a sound, he just stands there. This has left some commentators wondering if he's wearing a scary mask or something.

Regardless, her reactions are spectacular and will have your eyeballs watering from laughter like a wayward garden sprinkler. So, there you have it, prepare for the best ten minutes of your day in the ViralTikToks video below.

Thank you, Matt, you evil genius!

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