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This is a story that had occurrences happening for over a decade. It's called the Skinwalker Ranch story, and it's the most believable alien encounter on record.

This story will make your hairs stand on edge. It's set on a cattle ranch in the United States, and a family has just moved in. It's 1994, and the Sherman Ranch is a property of roughly 512 acres in Utah, recently purchased by Terry and Gwen Sherman.

From day one, the Sherman's and their family noticed strange occurrences happening on the farm. The first incident occurred while they were unloading their truck when Terry took note a wolf in the distance. This in itself wasn't strange as it wasn't unheard of to spot a wolf on the farmlands in the state. What was unusual, though, is that the wolf was moving towards them. 

Terry also mentioned its size to his family, who by now were all staring at the creature. It was massive, over six-feet tall at the shoulders. However, none of them felt fear, so much so, in fact, that when the wolf got within touching distance, Terry's dad reached out and stroked it. The wolf wagged its tail and moved on, leaving only a strange smell.

A minute or so later, all hell broke loose. The wolf noticed a calf in a pen it was passing and suddenly attacked, grabbing the little cow by the head and trying to pull it through the bars. 

This yanked Terry and the family out of their trance, and they immediately bolted into action. Terry and his father shot the creature numerous times, but the bullets had absolutely no effect on the enormous wolf. They hit it with tools and the butts of their rifles, but it didn't react or try and attack them, it just wanted the calf.

Eventually, when it realised it couldn't pull the calf out of the pen, it moved on into the woods as if nothing had happened. Terry decided to track it into the forest to try to chase it off the property, but then something weird happened. At an opening in the tree cover, the footprints just stopped. The creature had disappeared into thin air.

Back at the house, Gwen Sherman decided to carry on unloading the vehicles. She went into the kitchen and unpacked a bag of groceries before going outside to get more of their stuff. When Gwen returned, the grocery bag had been repacked. She just stood there for ages, trying to figure out what was going on.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, numerous family members noticed that items were being moved around the house. For example, Gwen said that a bathroom towel she hung on a rack before taking a shower disappeared. A few days later, it was found in a cupboard on the other side of the house.

Terry experienced a similar thing. He was using a tool that digs holes for fence posts, which weighed about 70 pounds. Terry dug a hole, put the fencepost in the ground and went to his truck to get more supplies. When he turned around, the tool was gone. Vanished. A few days later, as he was patrolling on the other side of the property, he spotted this tool high up in a tree. This freaked him out.

During those first few weeks, the Sherman's noticed something else that seemed out of place. In the evenings, they could see lights in the distance. At first, Terry thought it was merely a vehicle that had taken a wrong turn and ended up on his land. However, he started to become suspicious when these lights appeared more frequently.

Convinced that it was poachers hunting illegally, Terry set off into the woods with his rifle at hand. What he saw was unbelievable. Terry couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing, the lights were hovering silently in the air and they appeared to be scanning the terrain. As he got closer, though, they disappeared into the night without a sound.

This wouldn't be the only sighting of a flying craft. A few months later, a now paranoid Terry was doing a late-night scout to see if he could find out what was happening on his property. Suddenly, he noticed what looked like a small fighter jet, hovering silently in the woods with a blue light scanning the trees.

He was bewildered and moved slightly to get a better look. That movement caused a faint rustle of leaves underfoot, and the aircraft immediately shut off its light and turned to face him. Utterly petrified, he kept absolutely still for what felt like a lifetime until, eventually, the craft moved off into the night sky, completely silently.

Then, scary things started happening. Cows and other animals would disappear, and then turn up dead a few days later looking as though they had been operated on.

Back home, and the Sherman's had always wondered why the house had deadbolts on every window and door. Including the doors inside the house. The reason for these deadbolts soon became apparent when the Sherman's noticed faceless humanoid creatures wandering up to the house.

By now, the family was totally freaked out and wanted to sell up and move out. One evening, sitting on his porch with his three dogs, Terry noticed a bright orange light appear in the distance. Looking through the high-powered lense on the gun, he saw what he could only describe as a portal. In the middle of this oval orange light, was a brilliant blue sky.

Then, he saw the most frightening thing. One of the black humanoid creatures climbed out of the portal. It was like the girl climbing out of the well in the movie, The Ring. The dogs bounded off towards the light, barking and growling. Alas, soon Terry heard them whimpering, and they didn't return home. In the morning, he and his brother went to investigate only to find three piles of ash.

That was it. Terry put the farm up for sale and contacted a local reporter to tell him about these weird occurrences. A billionaire by the name of Robert Bigelow read the article and immediately bought the property.

Bigelow was fascinated by the supernatural and had started the National Institute for Discovery Science (NIDS) a few years earlier. He thought this was the perfect place to set up his headquarters to study the area.

Although they never got conclusive evidence, for the next decade, over a hundred people, most of them sceptical scientists, experienced these weird phenomena. Over time, though, the sightings happened less frequently, and Bigelow decided to throw in the towel.

They did get footage of some of the lights and photographs of the slain animals, but this was the nineties, and technology wasn't exactly HD, so it's tough to draw conclusions of the evidence.

A shell company bought the property and turned it into a compound of sorts, with no roads going in or out. Nobody lives there, and it's monitored by CCTV surveillance to make sure nobody goes onto the property.

As it turns out, the land first belonged to the Navajo people. When they were removed from the area as other tribes tried to capture them to sell as slaves, a shaman cursed the land with the vengeful legend of the Skinwalker. A type of harmful witch that can take the forms of animals...

Check out the full account of the most believable alien encounter at the Skinwalker Ranch in YouTuber, MrBallen, below.

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