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Many of us are lucky to have friendly neighbours that keeps the block entertained. Some of us have other furry or feathery neighbours who comes to visit us once in a while. 

A Yuma, Arizona-based family recently moved into a new home, and soon discovered that their nearby residents are a real hoot after they tripped their home security camera. The home security company Ring recently shared doorbell camera footage of a group of curious owls who visited the home of a woman named Lyndsay.

After just installing her new security camera, she started receiving  several notifications at 10:30pm that “someone” was outside her door. However, surprisingly the camera revealed that the trespassers were three very curious owls. The video turned out to be super adorable as the wide-eyed birds were scampering around on the family’s front porch for something to munch on. 

Many owl species are known to be nocturnal, which means they are most active at night like these three little fellows. At night these majestic creatures spend their time hunting for food. Scrapping around on Lyndsay’s porch, the camera managed to capture the curious owls snacking on an insect. At first the footage shows two of the owl trying to decide who will get the insect that passes by. After devouring the insect the two bird notices the security camera and seem seem fascinated by it. They’re captured staring straight down into the lens with their wide eyes almost like their having a stare down competition with the lens. The third owl however doesn’t seem too bothered one bit about the new front porch tech, and is captured happily exploring the porch for more snacks in the background.

Lyndsay revealed that, “Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely LOVE owls. I have owl decor all over the inside of my home. These owls had so much personality! They were so wide-eyed peeking at the camera! One stole a bug the other had dropped and the third owl was a free spirit doing its own thing.”

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