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A student from Canada did what every normal human being would do and stuck and entire harmonica in her mouth.

OK, read that sentence again.

TikTok user, Mollie O'Brien, is a high school student that recently found fame on the social media app for all the wrong reasons.

Followers couldn't stop laughing when Mollie posted a series of short videos showcasing her accident. The harmonica can be seen from the outside of her mouth as it's stretching her cheeks to its full extent.

One of the videos is a hilarious clip of Mollie trying to breathe while the harmonica is stuck in her mouth. A user commented on it, saying "THE HEAVY HARMONICA BREATHING!".

Mollie revealed to BuzzFeed that she'd been trying to entertain her little cousin when the harmonica became lodged insider her mouth. She told the website: "Every time I breathed heavily out of panic, it made a noise".

The video of Mollie getting a harmonica stuck in her mouth had been viewed over 1.7 million times shortly after its release. It had also received a whopping 19,400 comments in just a couple of days, leaving followers in hysterics.

Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound Of Silence was definitely not a song coming out of her mouth.

Watch the video here on Lad Bible's website.

Image credit: Just Dial

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