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Date: 2018-10-17

The 2018 911 call that gave everyone goosebumps was made by a widow reporting a house 'break-in' to police.

The widow, named Cathy, made the call after she suspected someone was breaking into her home after she heard what she thought sounded like her downstairs bathroom window breaking, she immediately runs upstairs and calls 911 from her locked bedroom.

After the 911 responder dispatched police in the area and managed to calm Cathy down too, Cathy seemingly starts to doubt her actions to call 911 as she doesn't hear anything else coming from downstairs. She second guesses that her cat might have been the one to break the window or something in the bathroom fell. The 911 responder tries to get Cathy to stay quiet and back to her bedroom until officers arrive, however, Cathy is already outside her bedroom looking for her cat, when the cat does not come when called she worries it might be hurt.

Ignoring the advice the widow entered the downstairs bathroom and found the “intruder” in her bathtub naked before she made a bizarre discovery that could prove the existence of time travel.

The scene was said to be handed over to the FBI and no one heard of Cathy and her 'intruder' again.

Listen to the clip to make your own mind up about whether the voice recording is fake or not.

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