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Insects makes up the most of our world’s species, 80% to be precise. Insects are the most diverse group of organisms on our planet with around 900,000 different kinds of bugs known to science. 

Late physicist, biologist, and photographer Andreas Kay dedicated his life and skills to documenting the incredible and unique insect world. Kay spent some time in Ecuador, from 2011 until his death in 2019, where he explored the area’s beautiful biodiversity. 

Kay captured all various sorts of creatures ranging from caterpillars and beetles to spiders and ants. However there was one insect in particular that couldn’t help but stand out among the rest. A very unique insect named the flatid planthopper nymph has a very special appearance. This little bug looks exactly like a tine walking piece of popcorn.

Kay shared a video of the adorable and yet strange little creature back in 2019. In the video the tiny creature is seen scurrying across his fingertip. Some might say that this little insect also looks like a tiny cloud or a piece of popcorn resting on little insect legs. As always there is usually an explanation to why animals have certain strange appearances. In this case the tiny popcorn insect, can be found in the Amazon rainforest and is covered with waxy white filaments for protection.

The unusual cloud or popcorn shaped insect is one of roughly 12,500 known planthopper species. However, this tiny creature is definitely one of the cutest and unique once walking the planet.

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