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As exciting as a company year-end function may be, you should remember the do's and do not's for the occasion as you will still need to face your colleagues afterwards. Here are some tips on how to survive the event and hopefully keep your job.

Dress accordingly: Picking the appropriate outfit will not only help you be comfortable but you will also avoid getting stares for all the wrong reasons, remember it is still a semi-professional occasion.

Attend: Even though in most offices, attendance is optional, make it a point that you are present because it shows you’re a team player.

Mingle: If you are in a big office, chances of you interacting with everyone on a daily basis is nearly impossible, let the year-end function be an opportunity to get to know your department better.

Have fun: Enjoy yourself! But just don’t go overboard. Show that you’re human, but don’t show your wild side!

Social Debbie Downer: Try not to be the one person who says no to all of the activities you may be asked to participate in, such as day team-building or attending the evening braais/bbq's.

Over Indulge: Letting your hair down with colleagues is all good and well, however, this is no reason to overdo it. Regardless of whether there are free drinks or not, it’s still a work event. Your superiors are still monitoring your behaviour so make sure you don’t leave a bad impression.

Gossip: Keep the conversations light and general. If you intend on having a few alcoholic drinks, gossip is the last thing you want to engage in because chances are, it won’t end well. For one, you might not remember what you said should the matter escalate and two, you’ll get stuck in a he said, she said, and no one wants that kind of drama.

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