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Sometimes you just need to have a hearty laugh and let your worries melt away, even if it's just for a short while. To help you along, here are ten of the funniest America's Got Talent auditions that'll put a smile on that dial.

People express themselves in many different ways, but those who can make people laugh are often the ones we remember the most. That's why there is an entire industry built for the comedic genius among us. It takes years of practice to become confident enough to perform on stage, and even more years to be consistently good.

It also takes smarts to excel at comedy, not to mention a fair amount of bravery to express yourself to a crowd of people you don't know. That is why a stage like America's Got Talent is such a marvellous stepping stone for those who can be excellent.

The video below by the guys at Talent Recap on YouTube delivers us ten of the funniest America's Got Talent auditions. There's a comedian with a stutter who embraces his condition and delivers an epic performance. Another comedian arrived on stage and delivered a fantastically depressing gothic act that had the crowd on its feet.

There was an 84-year-old who sang a song about a lady with a penis, two magicians who convinced judge Howie Mandel that he couldn't read and a ventriloquist who got him to twerk on stage. Hilarious!

So, don't waste another moment! Press play on the video below and let the joy of laughter seep through your body. You deserve it.

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