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2020 has definitely been a weird one thanks to the Coronavirus. People, jobs, schools and life in general have been affected worldwide, and not even Hollywood was left unscathed.

Forbes annually releases a list of the top 10 highest paid actresses, and they're usually mostly made up of those starring in films that were released in theatres. Remember the good old days when we were able to go to the movies?

Not this year. Due to the pandemic, TV shows and streaming platforms were the year's biggest earners, as were their stars.

The Forbes top 10 highest paid actresses in the world are:

Sofia Vergara – She made her millions starring as Gloria in Modern Family, and since that's wrapped up, she is now a judge on America’s Got Talent. Trust us, she earns the big bucks. Fox Media reports that she earned about $500,000 per episode during Modern Family’s final series, and now as a judge on AGT she earns about $10,000,000 per series. For that kind of money, we will gladly sit and watch every single performer on stage thinking they are the next big thing. In fact, we'll even cheer and smile.

Angelina Jolie It's kind of strange since she hasn't been in any big movie or series last year, but she did earn a big pay check for Marvel's The Eternals. It hasn't been released yet, but studios are expecting major things from this one. Apparently, so is her bank account.

Wonder Woman Gal Gadot received third place for the R516 million she received in the latest financial year, while Melissa McCarthy earned fourth place with R410 000.

Fifth place went to veteran Meryl Streep. After an absence of eight years, she’s back with a bang as she earned $32,000,000. British actress Emily Blunt earned sixth place and $224,000,000, while Aussie Nicole Kidman earned $22,000,000 which got her seventh place.

Eighth place went to Ellen Pompeo from Grey’s Anatomy with $19,000,000, and ninth place was awarded to Elisabeth Moss of Handmaid’s Tale with her earnings of $16,000,000.

Tenth place went to Viola Davis. Fox News reports that during the last financial year she earned seven figures each for How To Get Away With Murder and Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom each. That’s right, seven figures per series.

If we look at these figures, it's clear that these actresses know how to make it rain.

Watch the Forbes video below to see how the highest paid actresses made their money.

Image credits: IWMBuzz and South China Morning Post.

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