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Date: 2018-11-30

Lucas the Spider is an animated character appearing in a series of YouTube videos.

Created by animator ,Joshua Slice, who has worked on animation blockbusters such as Big Hero 6 and Zootopia and voiced by Slice's nephew, Lucas the Spider is based on a jumping spider. The character first appeared in a YouTube video in November 2017.

Fresh TV has acquired the rights to Lucas the Spider and plans to create an animated series using the character. You can also get Lucus the Spider merchandise if you looking for a super cute Christmas gift such as hoodies, stickers, mugs, bags, plushie's, pillows, iPhone cases and t-shirts here.

When asked what inspired him to animate a spider, of all things, Slice shared Lucas' origin story with Business Insider:

"Creating characters on the computer and bringing them to life has always been a pastime hobby of mine. A year and a half ago I had the itch to start a new project and I saw an image of a jumping spider sitting on a leaf. I thought it was really cute and wondered just how cute I could make a spider in 3D. Despite all the success, the only goal I had in mind from the start was to make a believable spider look as cute as possible."

True that! Take a look at the top 10 Lucas the spider moments below.

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