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Richard Quest is known for being a straight-shooting interviewer on the world-famous news channel, CNN, where he hosts his show called Quest Means Business.

He doesn't hold back when it comes to asking the difficult or uncomfortable questions, and his attacking approach has lifted many eyebrows.

But, during a recent interview with travel app, Trivago’s CEO, we got to see a different side to him.

Quest was interviewing the CEO of the German based app regarding the effect the pandemic has had on the travel industry and specifically Trivago.

Things were going wonderful until Axel Hefer's son came walking into the room. Quest didn't miss a beat and invited the little guy to join in on the interview, even asking him what his name is.

Hefer explained that his son, Victor, wanted to go to bed and wanted his dad to put him in bed. Victor eventually settled on his dad's lap while his dad continued with the interview.

But, after a few boring minutes of not being able to hear what was being said, Victor had had enough and left. Hefer went on to finish the interview and Victor only came back into the room while the two were saying goodbye.

After the interview Quest stated the feeling that was felt by many viewers who saw the segment. "In these difficult days I can honestly tell you on behalf of the QMB (Quest Means Business) team and audience, he's made our day. Thank you."

While working from home has been incredibly challenging, it has also given us more empathy and has even given good old Richard Quest something to smile about.

Watch the Quest Means Business video below.

Image credit: CNN

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