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The Amazon Prime sci-fi thriller, The Tomorrow War movie, brought something entirely new to our reality during the promotion of the new film during June and July 2021. It’s surprising to see what moviemakers are able to create with special effects and CGI these days. 

In the promotional stunt several ‘dangerous alien species’ which are called White Spikes in the movie, were filmed being transported in a cargo truck in Tokyo’s Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku. And yes it did spark and uproar among the people. 

The Tomorrow War which stars actor Chris Pratt, follows a group of time travelers from the year 2051 who have returned to the present day to warn all mankind about a global war against the White Spikes which are coming.

The promotional stunt definitely brought the movie to life and gave all an insight to what it would be like if the world as we know it changes. The stunt showed a world where the military attempts to control the havoc-wreaking monsters.

However other than the alien chained down inside the see-through glass truck in Japan, there were other White Spikes with their long tentacles hanging out of trucks, ’captured’ and displayed throughout Hollywood & Highland, Venice Beach, and Huntington Beach. One of the White Spikes was even spotted freely roaming the forest in Wembley, UK. 

Global head of action and thriller marketing at Amazon Prime Video, Jared Goldsmith explained that the exciting international promo took plenty of strategic planning. “We’re available in over 240 different countries, so it was translating and localizing into multiple languages. But it also takes creativity and all the teams aligning around a strategy and being able to develop creative that’s going to resonate globally, but still have local relevance.” 

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