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The Aquaman trailer has been released and it may just be DC Movie's saving grace!

The first Aquaman trailer has been released and people can't stop raving about it. Jason Momoa, who is Aquaman, announced it's release by diving/belly flopping into the sea, swimming through a seemingly perfect underwater paradise with fish and turtles to hold up his phone revealing the words "Aquaman trailer tomorrow".

Director James Wan recruited Amber Heard as Atlantean warrior, Mera, Patrick Wilson as Aquaman’s villainous half-brother, Orm, and Nicole Kidman as their mom, Queen Atlanna.

The trailer reveals the basic storyline focusing on a half human, half Atlantean named Arthur Curry who is born after lighthouse keeper, Tom Curry, rescues the Atlantean Queen, Atlanna and falls in love with her despite their different backgrounds.

Arthur's half brother, Orm who is in the position of Ocean Master and ruler of Atlantis is compelled to wipe out the human land-lubbers who have polluted the oceans and fought wars on their waters. Orm aims to unite the seven seas kingdoms against those on land. Mera, a warrior from the lost Atlantean tribe of Xebel, plans to overthrow Orm’s rule by finding the legitimate successor of Atlantis.

It’s revealed that Mera was actually sent to Atlantis by the Xebel tribe to exact revenge on their leader for the expulsion of her tribe to a correctional facility. Her assassination attempts fade as she falls in love with Arthur but, eventually, her tribe demands answers as to why she hasn’t killed the ruler of Atlantis.

The movie is described as being closer to a fantasy-adventure genre rather than a traditional superhero movie. Many critics have even labelled it as a "Game of Thrones underwater" due to the immense connection between multiple underwater kingdoms, deep mythology and family disputes.

Wan is hoping that the Aquaman movie will give DC movies a fresh start after the disappointing Justice League movie and DC Films is hoping that Aquaman will pave the path to success that will be closely followed by the Joker movie.

However, it appears that DC has moved towards isolating their movies instead of creating an interconnected narrative, giving Wan the freedom to develop the story as he pleases which seems to be full of bright colour and striking imagery, cool costumes and effects, terrifying monsters complete with lots of thrilling action.

The trailer hinted that the movie would have the winning mixture of a low-key love story, humour and wit.

DC fans hold thumbs as the December release dates put Aquaman in competition with many other holiday releases but also the perfect time to rake in a large audience!

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