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Billionaire Elon Musk is know for his classical tweets that can literally make stock prices fall or skyrocket. Other than that we can say that Musk sometimes receives good rewards for his magnificent tweets. 

And looks as though Twitter user @edgette22 also received his price after his magnificent tweet. In mid October, he revealed what we had all missed about the fried chicken purveyor KFC. According to him, it turns out that they only follow 11 people—five Spice Girls and six guys named Herb. KFC is known for their “blend of 11 herbs and spices,” which is a very clever marketing strategy.

However, is doesn’t just end there for @edgette22 and KFC. KFC went as far as to commission a very special painting for him after the Twitter user solved this mystery. The painting is however very hilarious and very unexpected. The funny painting features the clever @edgette22 piggybacking on the famous Colonel Sanders while holding a KFC drumstick in hand. The two also appears to be enjoying an outdoor adventure together. 

KFC directly send the unique painting to @edgette22 which was contained in an opulent gold frame.  After receiving his painting he tweeted his response and said “Dreams DO come true,” @edgette22 wrote.“#GiddyUpColonel.”

The painting was not only for the amusement of viewers but was also a promotion for the restaurant chain. Known for several other of their funny and creative advertisement images for KFC, the advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy also used their creativity to design the painting of @edgette22 and Colonel Sanders. The company was also behind the clever romance novella called Tender Wings of Desire, which is also as funny as their previous one. 

In May 2017, the firm's Portland branch created the 96-page story as well as a book cover to go along with it—one that was done in the same artistic style as @edgette22’s gift.

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