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The Canadian design studio Adrian Martinus is run by brothers Adrian and Martinus Pool. Together, they repurpose abandoned skateboards into eco-friendly home décor, giving them a second lease on life. While some of the decks are used to create statement pieces of furniture, like the slab top coffee table, others are turned into hexagon-shaped stud earrings. Whatever their use, all of their products have a vibrant filling derived from the lively decks that served as their source.

It was only natural for the siblings to combine their love of skateboarding and woodworking tools to explore the design possibilities. Their solution has been a time-consuming procedure that makes the final goods look nothing like their intended skateboard. Martinus says, "We don't want you to look at it and automatically assume it's an old skateboard." "We want it to be a surprise when you find out that it's a recycled skateboard."

To start the building process, Martinus, Adrian, and Adrian's partner Anne Tranholm arranged a number of boards in the sun. The crew works outside for several hours before scraping off the heated grip tape from the skateboards and sanding off the paint, graphic, and clear coat. After that, the wood needs to be polished and ground until it is clean and ready for use.

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