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Several photos have gone viral as they amaze people with their crazy realistic look of something out of the ordinary. However, some pictures certainly look fake but are 100% real. 

Here are some photos that will make your jaw drop.

The Chinese Fishermen. A photo was taken of two fishermen who went fishing on Lake Chaohu in China. The lake, which is full of algae, looks like a very realistic oil painting. The man steering the boat is holding a paddle with a brush-like appearance, making it hard for people to believe this is real. 

The optical illusion outside of the Paris city hall looks like a balloon of grass. However, it is actually flat and will require a little attention to see how it's made.

The photo of the multiple Santa's looks like someone used Photoshop to edit the image. However, the woman in greyscale is actually covered in grey makeup and wearing grey clothing. This gives us the illusion that she's black and white in a full-colour photo.

The strange floating electricity pole was actually damaged by fire in Russia. It has since been supported only by the power line that is still connected to the remaining uprights.

A photo of a cruise ship stranded on a cliff went viral after people thought someone was having fun with Photoshop. Yet, the boat is "stranded" there... it's actually a luxury hotel made to look like a ship in South Korea.

This haunting photo of an approaching wave looks like it's in the company of some kind of sea monster. However, it is actually a bunch of algae. 

The photo of the crooked trees does look Photoshopped. It's actually a well-known forest called the Crooked Forest in West Pomerania, Portland, containing more than 400 bent pine trees.

Another photo of a floating ship went viral. This image does seem fake as it appears to be floating above the water. In reality, it's some of the most crystalline waters in the world, and the shadow is visible on the ocean floor. Due to that, the boat seems as though it is floating. 

This photo of a massive sinkhole does look Photoshopped. However, this was an actual event. The sinkhole formed in 2010 in Guatemala City – it is 60 feet wide and 200 feet deep.

A photo, which appears to be a red sea tsunami or – as others pointed out, a beer wave – is actually a massive sandstorm offshore in Australia. 

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