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Bucket lists are usually filled with fun, magical or adventurous stuff. The chances of anyone adding a national border to their list is slim... BUT... wait until you see these unique borders in the video compiled by Be Amazed.

It might just be added to someone’s list, you never know.

Imagine watching an opera that’s happening in Canada, but you’re seated in the United States… but it’s all in the same building. That’s exactly what’s happening in a small town called Derby Line that lies in both the United States and Canada.

The border between these two countries run right through the town, and it literally divides the library – that is also used as an opera house – into two. The stage is in Canada, but the seats are in the US. It’s also the only library in the world that serves two countries at once. Quite a big feat for a small town.

All over the world there are areas of land that countries go to war over, because both countries want it. And then there’s Bir Tawil. The neighbourhood kid that no one wants to invite to their party.

Bir Tawil is a 2,071 km² piece of desert between Egypt and Sudan. Back in 1902, the United Kingdom decided on the border between these two African countries, and mistakenly forgot about Bir Tawil.

Ironically, both countries opted to give it to the other, and both declined to take it. So, Bir Tawil is a piece of barren desert that belongs to absolutely no one because no one wants it.

The four nation quadripoint between Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana just happens to be in the Zambezi river. This complicated border has been the subject of discussion for many years as it’s one of a kind.

Because it’s located in the river, it hasn’t been the cause for massive disputes, so it’s pretty much a peaceful quadripoint. Unique, nonetheless.

Watch the Be Amazed video compilation below to see what these borders look like. You never know, you could end up wanting to visit one of these soon.

Image credit: The New York Times

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