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As a way to connect and learn more about our beautiful feathered friends, Jocelyn Anderson decided to use her photograph skills to capture various of bird species for over five years now. 

Recently, while out photographing some Great Blue Heron nestlings, Anderson got her ‘right place at the right time’ photo moment which also became a viral sensation. The photograph shows a red-winged blackbird riding on a stick an osprey was bringing back to its nest. Might this be the new bird Uber?

At first Anderson noticed the beautiful osprey flying over a pond close to the marsh area which is well known for the area where red-winged blackbirds build their nests. She then noticed a gorgeous red-wing chasing the osprey, but didn’t think much of it as male red-winged blackbirds tend to be fiercely defensive of their nests. But what happened next was unexpected.

“The osprey adjusted its course so it was flying towards me and I could see that the osprey was carrying a stick for its nest. The blackbird continued its chasing, and at one point it looked like the blackbird was going for a ride on the stick. I was surprised that the blackbird followed the osprey halfway across the pond; I like to think the blackbird was enjoying the free ride.”

The incredible photo not only shows a very unique moment where the red-winged blackbird appears to be hanging out and relaxing on the stick as he takes in the scenery, but it also showcases the incredible power and determination of the osprey as its eyes are fixed in the distance as it focuses on heading back to its nest.

“Bird photography is a challenge, but it's a wonderful one and a great way to get a glimpse into their world.”

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