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Date: 2018-10-13

Is your vegan buddy a know-it-all about food? Well, blow them out the water with this list of vegetables they probably don't exist.

Lemon Drop Pepper

Being a member of the hot pepper family, the lemon drop pepper gets its name from its lemony flavour and appearance – being small in size but the length of a jalapeño or smaller. This pepper, however, is 6x hotter than a Jalapeño, so beware.

Orange Cauliflower

This orange tinted cauliflower gets its colour from the anti-oxidant, Anthocyanin (also found in red cabbage). The orange is also a genetic mutation allowing beta-carotene to be held in the plant in excess amounts, offering 25% more vitamin A than normal white cauliflower.

Egyptian Luffa Fruit

Although its got fruit in its name, it is classified as a vegetable. Being basically a sponge, this vine-grown vegetable must be eaten when it is young as the more mature ones are tough and fibrous. The taste is much like a zucchini but more spongey.

Lemon Cucumber

This spherical softball sized cucumber is popularly found in India and has a 50/50 cucumber and lemon taste. The lemon cucumber is known for its cooling effect of the body, ideal in hot summer seasons.

See the video for more vegetables you probably didn't know existed.

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