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Every girl's body is different and luckily, society is slowly starting to shift towards celebrating all body types, specifically, those with a big booty.

The Kardashian's are one of the "big booty" icons of the 21st century and have started transforming the fashion industry, for example, Khloe Kardashian releasing her own fashion line of jeans for women with some booty cushion.

The latest body goal in the last decade has been this – big booty, small waist. Girls go to extreme lengths to get their booty nice and big, I mean, look at the Kardashian's. Seriously guys, is it normal to have an ass bigger than your torso? To be fair, if your booty paid your rent, you probably wouldn't complain.

Having a banging hourglass Kardashian figure comes with some extreme struggles too. It's a constant battle of the ratio between your bum to waist, your jeans ratio and not to mention the stereotypes. Running shorts are a distant fantasy. Unless you like your shorts riding up higher and higher with each stride. Yay, chafing.

Cat-callers seem to save their worst behaviour for the roundest bootys. Get ready to have your jeans RIPPED – watch the video to understand the struggle!

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