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Here is a list of well-known YouTubers who did the nasty! Yap, Porn!

We have all heard of leaked celebrity porn or sex tapes that didn't necessarily ruin their lives, if it did anything, it would have just simply spoonfed them more fame and fortune! However, what about an updated version on just that? If you haven't noticed already, mainstream broadcast TV is slowly but surely becoming a thing of the past, in its place rather, are content streaming services, with the biggest unconventional platform being YouTube.

With that said, however, you'd be surprised at just how many of the top YouTubers have done porn.

Here is a list compiling the top 15 YouTubers who have done porn!

1) Psycho Mom

YouTuber that goes by the name of "Phycho Mom" is known for her, well I guess, "psycho-like" aggressive and destructive style YouTube videos where she can be seen throwing a TV off a balcony and throwing her daughters iPhone into a pool. She now only appears as a cohost on her sons YouTube channel, Christian Golca, who has over 110,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. YouTuber "Psycho Mom" has had her fair share of creating public amateur porn videos of herself.

2) Channon Rose

YouTuber Channon Rose has grown her YouTube channel to some 1,06-million subscribers and is still growing at a steady rate in 2020. She is known for her viral how-to and mommy videos on her YouTube channel. She dropped out of fashion school at age 17 and made a living by stripping soon after. She has openly spoken out about her experience in the adult entertainment industry as well, specifically porn.

3) Vitalyzdtv

YouTuber Vitalyzdtv has a massive online following, with his monster YouTube channel currently sitting at over 10,3-million subscribers, which is incredible! Vitalyzdtv also made two appearances in porn films by Bang Bros.

4) Mia Rose

YouTuber Mia Rose started out in the porn industry in her teens, and has won awards in porn too. Mia Rose has done over 100 porn scenes, and is now retired from the adult entertainment industry, spending her time creating content on her YouTube channel.

5) Funtoyzcollector

YouTuber Funtoyzcollector doing porn might come as a bit of of a shock to a lot of people, especially new parents, as she is one of the biggest YouTubers, with over 11-million subscribers! But don't panic yet. Aimed at creating content for kids, her YouTube content is all clean as she only reviews kids toys. However, her career in porn has been publically surfaced.

6) Zuzka Light

A YouTuber by the name of Zuzka Light is known for creating lifestyle and health and fitness content on her YouTube channel, with a following of over 766,000 subscribers. Before her YouTube fame, she was known for her participation in porn.

7) Bree Olson

Unlike the other YouTubers we've listed above, Bree Olson is known primarily for her porn career. She has now has retired from the porn industry and creates vlog-based content on YouTube.

8) Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila was known for her own TV show on MTV as well as having the biggest MySpace account back in the day when it was still a thing! After she left mainstream showbiz, she dived right into the underground world of porn. Nevertheless, she gained huge popularity on YouTube when a gaming channel made a video about her.

9) Liz Katz

Liz Katz is a very popular YouTuber specializing in content around the gaming and cosplay world. She has a respectable YouTube following of over 112,000 subscribers on her channel. But, as you probably guessed where this was going, before she turned to her YouTube career she was heavily involved in the porn industry, starring in over 20 films since she was 18.

10) Haleyissoarx

YouTuber Haleyissoarx is well known for her content based on the marijuana lifestyle. With over 600,000 subscribers on YouTube, she simultaneously did porn for additional income, however, she has stopped doing mainstream porn now to keep her new boyfriend happy. Now she only does webcam solo porn...

11) Chris Crocker

Chris Crocker is best known for his Britney Spears video, titled Leave Britney Alone, that went viral back in 2007. Since then, his YouTube fanbase rapidly declined, so he took to porn instead.

12) Cherry Crush

YouTuber Cherry Crush took to porn in her late teens while she was still living in her parent's house, and has the full support of her boyfriend. However, she still manages to keep a very clean online image on her YouTube channel.

13) Calum McSwiggan

Controversial YouTuber Calum McSwiggan is very well known for his outrageous, click-baity YouTube video titles, and has a reputation for creating issues with law enforcement. Recently he opened up about his history in the gay porn industry to his YouTube subscribers.

14) Mujer Luna Bela

YouTuber Mujer Luna Bela is known for her funny yet very sexual videos on her YouTube channel, which boasts over 2,54-million subscribers. After a video of her dancing topless on a public train went viral and received international press coverage, her fans noticed that she was also a porn star who had starred in hundreds of adult films.

15) The Amazing Athiest

YouTuber, who goes by the name The Amazing Athiest, is a controversial YouTube host well known for creating content around very sensitive issues. Solo fetish videos have surfaced of him performing in his own home-made porn videos.


Why do people do porn? Is it because of the money, attention or just plain fun? We've all done things in our past we'd rather not admit. Unfortunately for the above YouTubers, they were unlucky enough to have some very naked skeletons in their closets. Watch the video below to see the truth about Youtubers who did Porn.

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