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There many strange things to buy on the internet. Some are entertaining, surprisingly useful or just plain creepy. Here is a list of very strange things you can actually buy:

1. Pigeon shoes – shoes that actually look like pigeons. These high heels are scarily realistic. A Japanese woman, Kyoto Ohata created these shoes to not scare pigeons as she walks through the park. 

2. Earrings that look like a second pair of ears......on your ears. The silicone earrings were created Nadja Buttendorf and the earrings vary in skin tone to match your own skin tone.

3. Cutlery and cups made out of people's bones. you can now buy dinnerware made out of the bone ash of your loved one. Whats better than making the remains of your loved one into something you can use every day?

4. A pet brush that will allow you to "lick" your cat. Its called "the licki brush" that is shaped like a tongue. that you hold in your mouth to brush the cat.

5. Stockings with painted toenails. Now you can wear open–toed heel without all the fuss of nail polish. They even come in various themes and colors.

6. Upside down wine glass. This one is actually pretty cool. The glass allows you to drink from the stem of the glass and the bottom of the glass is sealed, creating a strange sight for people watching you casually sipping your wine.

Have you ever bought anything this weird? Let us know in the comments below!

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