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There are just so many situations in life that make us step back and say: "Well, that escalated quickly". This is one of those situations except this one went worldwide! One chilly night in Scotland, a farmer called Bruce Grubb was hosting a housewarming party in his cottage on the farm but stuck to the non-alcoholic route the whole night because he was on duty to check up on his cows as some were pregnant.

Excusing himself from the party to make a routine check up on the cows, flashlight beam fell on something that made his heart stop. He was facing a small crouching tiger, just sitting there, watching. He immediately called the police, not knowing how else to handle the situation which then led to officers from the North East Police Division completely surrounding the place, guns cocked and ready to go. On their way, the officers had contacted local zoo's in an effort to locate the home of this furry Houdini with no luck.

The armed police officers circled around the target, tensions high as they closed in. Despite the significant disruptions and loud noises, the suspect had still not moved. Not even a flick of the ear or a swish of the tail. Unusual behaviour for a predatory cat, so the officers became suspicious and circled closer towards the animal. Turns out they had spent 45 minutes pointing their weapons at a stuffed toy. Luckily the police understood that Grubb was not playing a prank on the police and said: “We appreciate that it was a false call made with genuinely good intent.”

Obviously relieved that nothing had harmed the livestock or the local community members, the internet decided to have some fun with the story in the comments section to say the least!

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