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There are so many people that fail so miserably it makes bystanders burst out laughing. 2017 was filled with fails and people who are just trying way too hard.

This fails compilation goes out to the police around the world. The people who do their best to keep us safe and bring justice to the forefront of society. Movies portray the police as hardcore, highly trained professionals but this video shows that sometimes they are far from it. These policemen tend to trip over invisible obstacles and show anything but their physical prowess. It even shows that, in order to be a policeman, you have to stay sharp at all times or you will get outsmarted by the criminal. Either way, police have to be intimidating at all times, even when they face plant!

These cops just better hope that next time they are actually grabbing a gun and not anything else tucked into someone's pants!

Check out the video!

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