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Whether you are a Beyoncé fan or not, no one can deny that she is inspiring and has created a name for herself by being one of the most successful women in the music industry. One key to success that Beyoncé constantly shares is: "model success", which means that in order to be successful, you model the steps that other successful people take. So, today we hope to inspire you to reach for that success by sharing some of Beyoncé's keys for success.

  1. She used other inspirational artists to fuel her own creativity and motivate her. She went to her first concert at the age of 5 and claims that that specific Michael Jackson concert defined her as a person and helped her realise her purpose. She dedicated her award to Michael Jackson at the World Music Awards, saying in her speech that she would never even have performed if it wasn't for him.

    She has openly admitted that she takes inspiration from other artists to create her albums. She uses others as a model for success and its safe to say that this clearly worked for her.

  2. Beyoncé was never shy of following her passion. At the age of 7 she won a high school talent show against competitors that were over double her age. Beyoncé then moved schools to Parker Elementary school which had one of the best music programs in Texas to pursue her talent. Shortly after moving, she joined a girl band with Kelli Rowland at the age of 8 and was eventually noticed by a producer who pushed them towards success, they eventually evolved into Destiny's Child which sold over 16 million records.

    She wasn't born into success as her mother was a hairdresser and salon owner and her father was a Xerox sales manager but this didn't slow her down in the slightest.

  3. The world felt just as much anger and disappointment as Beyoncé did when rumours emerged that Jay-Z had cheated. But, instead of letting herself be defeated and wallowing in self-pity, Beyoncé made one of her most successful albums out of it called Lemonade.

    She also made sure that Jay-Z didn't get off lightly as she dropped a "visual album" in April of 2016 that included an hour-long movie/music video effectively exposing Jay-Z for his unfaithfulness. It included some controversial, touchy, and raw lyrics exposing everything from his troubled past to his regular mistresses.

    THEN she dropped the album on Tidal which is the streaming service OWNED by Jay-Z. Now if that doesn't inspire you to grow and make a success built on from your setbacks and heartbreaks, we don't know what will.

    On the topic of perseverance despite setbacks, shout out to Beyoncé who got her hair tangled up in a stage fan during her performance of Halo in Montreal. But, like the pro she is, she KEPT SINGING! She didn't miss a beat. Eventually, a crew member with a pair of scissors cut Beyoncé free. Talk about a tough chick!

  4. She never compares herself to other artists and rather focuses on being competitive with herself. Beyoncé has admitted in interviews that before a major performance, she goes back to watch all her past stage performances to dissect what she could have done better, always aiming to improve herself. Even Queen Bey isn't afraid to admit her flaws and work to improve them.

  5. She uses her music to promote her very strong political views and isn't afraid to bring across those political views in her albums. During her 2014 VMA performance, she displayed the word “feminist” in bold, pink letters across the screen and, in an interview with Elle, she said, “I put the definition of feminist in my song [Flawless] and on my tour … to give clarity to the true meaning … We need men and women to understand the double standards that still exist in this world, and we need to have a real conversation so we can begin to make changes.”

    In her song, Formation, and her Super Bowl performance highlighted a message about police brutality and criminal-justice change in America. Elle magazine wrote, “With Formation, Beyoncé declared herself as an artist willing to use her power to provoke difficult but necessary conversations about the most fraught topics in American life.” She is never afraid to stand up for what she believes in!

Aside from her amazing talent and oozing confidence, she has even started (and runs) her own companies! Beyoncé is definitely our role model of the week!

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