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We all grew up with cartoons and waking up super early on a Sunday morning to watch TV for basically the whole day was probably the best thing ever. I don't think we quite concentrated on what was going on though because, as an adult, you look back at what actually happened and it's like a whole new cartoon. The dirty jokes, the lack of logic and cheeky hidden meanings will leave you shocked.

I mean, how could a prince meet the love of his life, then forget what Cinderella even looks like – on top of the fact that not a single woman in the kingdom had the same shoe size! Cartoons even surpass logic and defy physics, pulling off miracles every day, like the Powerpuff Girls having no thumbs but being able to use chopsticks. We have thumbs and can't even use chopsticks!

Have you seen any cartoons lately that completely defy logic? Fill us in in the comments below.

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