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It's sad to think that, in a modern world, society is still struggling with sexism and that many of our female counterparts out there are still getting the seemingly short end of the stick.

Recently though, the ladies have been taking a strong stand against sexism and celebrities have also been using their platform to promote equality. Emma Watson, for example, is a well-known feminist, fighting fiercely for equality while managing to maintain an air of elegance about it. Ronda Rousey has been fighting (literally) gender stereotypes since her mixed martial arts career took off, been labelled one of the highest paid MMA fighters ever and, when questioned on this, simply answered: "I think the amount of money I make is proportional to the money I bring in. They pay me a lot because I make them the most money."

We tend to agree that the expectations and questioning is getting a little tiresome and changing the conversation is so important! So ladies, if you ever get asked what your favourite position is, reply with CEO!

Check out some of our favourite rude reporter shut-downs from celebs in the video below.

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