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Toy Story is one of Disney's greats that belong in the hall of Disney fame. Most people can recite lines and remember the movie as if they were there. Well, now you can actually feel like you were there because Disneyland is opening up its very own, actual Pizza Planet (yes, your inner child can squeal with excitement now). It will even be complete with the famous claw machine where Woody and Buzz made friends with the cute but odd-looking aliens.

According to Disney News Today, Pizza Planet will replace Redd Rocket’s Pizza Port in Tomorrowland and the full name will be "Alien’s Pizza Planet – A Better Place." Referring to the alien toys who believe they go to a better place when they're raptured by The Claw of the claw machine. Disney World is planning to open an entire Toy Story Land in June 2018 but the Pizza place will be in Tomorrowland and will be opened on the 13th of April just before the Pixar Fest.

Disney News Today reported that the Pizza Planet would only be a temporary addition but we hope its good enough to stay and we are sure there will be an endless stream of people wanting to check out the alien decorated restaurant with a huge claw machine in the middle!

Some childhood dreams DO come true!

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