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Dora and her little monkey sidekick are known all over the world for their popular children's TV show. It is the longest running TV show on Nickelodeon and has been educating kids since 2000. The Hispanic little girl is known for her adventures and riddles that are centred around Swiper, a character in the show, who steals things. Pretty innocent right?

Not anymore! In true adult fashion, innocence never lasts and Dora has turned into a bad ass, crime-fighting diva (don't worry, she kept the same terrible haircut). It actually looks like a gripping action movie that has an age restriction! Tasked with finding missing treasure, Dora now has to set out on her quest to find the swiper but even gets kidnapped by his evil henchmen. The bilingual detective manages to take out thieves and educate children all in the same movie!

Check out the X rated Dora series and let us know which one you prefer!

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