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Normally no one would object to a hot girl in a bikini running around on live TV getting soaking wet except, Wipeout is a little different...

Wipeout is basically a televised treacherous obstacle course filled with mud, foam, giant bouncy balls and moving platforms. Contestants need to get to the end of the obstacle course in the shortest possible time, but that's not a simple task. In fact, people normally go flying, legs in the air, arms flapping – and they do this multiple times during a run (unless they are the professionals) so appropriate clothing is necessary.

In this episode between the hotties and the nerds, hottie, Mandy Watanabe, seemed to miss that part of the memo, rocking up in an itsy-bitsy bikini. The bartender and her tiny bikini didn't last very long before landing face first in the mud, resulting in a lot of 'censored' bars covering up her naughty bits as she landed in compromising positions. But hey... at least her pants stayed on...

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