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Believe it or not, girls experience boob problems every single day. While all you boys are looking at those mystical, perfect orbs on our chests, you should know that we've spent half the day being annoyed that we have them. And that we spent the whole morning trying to make them look presentable, let alone perfect.

Boobs, while being great most of the time, give us girls a lot of struggles. Are they showing too much? Are they showing enough? Why is that asshole talking to my tits and not my face?

Things like that (and then some) are things girls deal with every damn day.

So, boys, imagine what it would be like if you had ball problems like girls have boob problems?

Okay, sure, you might win when it comes to the whole kick in the balls thing. We get it. It's a problem. Stop crying about it.

But what if that wasn't the only scare? What if you had to worry about ball cleavage or side ball? 

Wanna see how frustrating your lives would become? Watch this hilarious video!

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