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Date: 2017-08-27

We don't know how they do it.

.. It seems like some kind of dark magic that, in everything they do, girls of Instagram seem to look perfect in every picture they post.

Like waking up in the morning. While us normal girls are wrapped in our duvets with bed hair and half opened eyes, girls of Instagram post pictures of perfect hair and eyes that open like little butterflies in the morning. 

Ugh. It's enough to make you doubt everything you do. One of those "expectation vs. reality" type of vibes. 

While the girls of Instagram are posting pictures of their perfect holiday tans (it seems kind of suspicious that they are wearing a bikini, and yet have no tan lines at all?), the normal girls are posting holiday tans that include an awful sunburn and a sunglasses outline. 

How do these girls do it???

This animated is a hilarious and very true example of everyday activities that look SO different on us vs. the girls of Instagram!

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