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Girl power is the best kind of superpower. With sexual harassment rife in society and slowly beginning to come to light, girls need to stand together and support each other. A group of girls do a better investigation than the FBI and they are more dangerous than the mafia.

Most of the time, women support women and we're realising how important it is. Even if a stranger is in need, a girl has your back. It all started with one tweet of a girl who asked a stranger where she got her nails done and googled the address. Pretty kind but seemingly normal right? This triggered a whole stream of women posting about similar experiences and even created a trending hashtag, #GirlsSupportingGirls.

There are literally hundreds of examples of women who had each others back, whether it was as simple as a compliment or getting each other out of danger, it just goes to show that girls really could rule the world!

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