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As much as we all think we have control over our bodies, most of the time, we don't. Truth is, our bodies control us. And sometimes, they do it in the most awkward and frustrating ways. 

For boys, I think that awkward unexpected hard-on is pretty much their biggest battle.

But for girls – there is so much more we have to worry about! You might even catch us talking to our bodies, trying to convince them to get their shit together and COOPERATE! 

This video communicates those struggles... 

Like body proportions. All girls struggle with this. I mean, jeans seem to be made for a damn Barbie doll these days. But what about us girls who have a thin waist, huge hips, thick thighs and tiny calves. What are we supposed to do? buy for pairs of jeans, cut them up to fit our different body parts and walk around looking like a bloody scarecrow?

We can't... so we pretty much walk around wondering...

"Do I have a jean penis right now?"

"Eyebrows, how are you defying gravity??"

"My elbows look like someone just made smores on them..."

"Why do these fetus hairs on my face want to grow in the exact opposite direction??"

Watch the video and FEEL THE STRUGGLE!

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