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If you're a girl who is not ready to be pregnant quite yet, you have quite a few options. There's always the option of getting the guy to help with contraception from his side but, let's face it, they're usually pretty fucking useless with that.

So, you need to find another birth control or contraceptive option – and you end up doing some research about all the choices available to you as a woman. 

Typical methods of contraception will come up such as the pill and implants... And all the commercials that advertise these products to you try to convey pretty much the same message:

Use this birth control method, and you will be happy because you won't get pregnant. 

They all have the same kind of style: a specifically chosen woman who viewers can relate to because of age, gender and point of view. And this woman (who may not even know anything about birth control at all) will tell you about the latest, greatest method of birth control that will change your life by preventing you from giving birth to one. 

What they don't tell you in these commercials is the soul-sucking crap that comes with using birth control. Things like weight gain, nausea, bloating, depression, headaches, lack of sex drive and more. 

So, if you want to learn about the truth about birth control, watch this hilarious commercial that is actually honest about it!

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