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"There! I fixed it..." – as he flattens another piece of duct tape onto, well... everything that is broken.

Busted things are definitely an inconvenience so sometimes it's necessary to find a quick solution, other times we're plain lazy, or it's just too expensive to fix!

Check out the video below for some crazy fixes. For instance, you definitely hope that the duct tape method works on the aeroplane you're travelling in. Apparently, this quick solution was a win. I would definitely be kissing the ground after I got off that plane though! 

Legos can serve as a subtle security system when placed strategically on the floor, or apparently to even fix a wall. While a colorful solution, probably not such a functional one. 

Fitting your bicycle with a sound system that is supposed to go into your car might just be asking for trouble, never mind trying to balance on the thing! But hey, at least the guy has dreams. First the sound system, next, the car.

Got a whole lot of useless spare change lying around? Don't throw it away! You can apparently now use it to give your car a bit of a makeover. Try scratching my car now... HA!

As they say, I've got 99 problems and money could solve about 98 of them!

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