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We all loved Gal Gadot in her role of Wonder Woman, bringing a sense of inspiration and strength to women everywhere. Her strong presence and ability to exude confidence made her a perfect fit for the role and the movie was a success.

Every hero needs a nemesis and director, Patty Jenkins, recently announced that they would be welcoming Kristen Wigg to the Wonder Woman family as Cheetah. The modern creation of Cheetah is Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, an internationally renowned and super wealthy archaeologist with a secret – having sold her soul to the ancient god, Urzkartaga, is able to morph into a human-cheetah hybrid that has superhuman speed, strength, and agility.

Gal Gadot expressed her excitement on Twitter saying, "I'm SO excited to welcome on board Kristen! This is going to be wonderful!". Wigg is well-known for her comedic antics on the screen so many fans voiced their concerns on her ability to pull off a serious, devious character but many comedians have morphed into convincing supervillain roles such as Jim Carrey as the Riddler and Danny Devito as Penguin.

The Wonder Woman sequel is allegedly set in the context of World War II and is scheduled for release to the public next December.

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