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The best of the thug life comebacks. Not everything is as it seems so be careful if you decide to cause trouble with someone, they might just have a tongue that cuts through glass. The only thing that can describe this video are the words "savage" and "brutal". 

We all love to watch the beginning stages of talent shows because disgruntled contestants can get pretty brutal with their opinions of the judges. The all too famous "your mother" "your daughter jokes" are thrown around pretty frequently but we all know that Simon Cowell wins the award for the most cold–hearted savage insults known to man. 

When Mike Tyson decides to insult you, you just take it because who wants to mess with Mike Tyson. He can pretty much say anything he wants to anyone but even Steven Hawking can bring some pretty good insults to the party. 

Either way, this video will have you cringing and saying "ooooooh" after every insult.

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