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There are many methods of birth control out there today: condoms, contraceptive pills, surgical procedures and more.

But, it turns out, people still haven't run out of ideas. Nope, their imagination is still thinking of ways for people to have safe sex. But, surely, this is taking it a bit too far?

These "Penis Stickers" are on sale as a method of birth control and contraception. And they're exactly what they sound like. 

These are literally stickers that men put over their pee-hole on their penises to prevent "pre-cum" from causing pregnancy. When the man is about to orgasm, he pulls out and rips the sticker off so he can fully ejaculate. 

Honestly, this just sounds super painful, kind of weird and a bit of a mood killer. 

Wow. Men will do just about anything to get out of using condoms, right? 

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