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When we were kids, we all used to love hearing creepy stories and urban legends that used to freak us out and keep us up and night. Whether they were told around a campfire or under the covers with a torch, it was still creepy as hell!

There is a list of phone numbers that are supposedly haunted and there are a couple of urban legends behind them. Scoff at this if you will but check out the video! it's difficult to tell whether it is staged or not (we hope it is) but either way, it's still pretty creepy and will have you looking over your shoulder and checking under your bed tonight.

All sources recommend that people don't call these numbers but... if you feel brave, let us know what happens. Imminent death? Cursed for eternity? We won't give away all the numbers and will just let the video creep you out but, there is one that wasn't mentioned or called (for a good reason), here's the myth behind it:

"This is perhaps one of the most disturbing phone numbers out there. Known as Boothworld Industries, this company mentions they will do ‘remodelling’. This at first, seems like some kind of home décor design company, until more about it seems suspicious. When someone dials (630) 296-7536, they will be alarmed by what is said. This “company” entirely focuses on the life of their “members”.

When someone calls this phone number, their number is immediately logged and a recording is heard. Next, the recording states that a representative will get back to them. The display reads PRIVATE NUMBER, and the area code identified comes up as being from Illinois.

There are a number of people who didn’t reach the recording but instead were greeted by a live representative. Her voice is cold and calm, yet she sounds polite as well. The next step, is her asking for your full name. When providing false information, the representative immediately hangs up during the call.

In one instance, a man provided his former girlfriends name instead. It seemed to work, for their database or whatnot. The representative on the phone, thanked the man welcoming him – as he achieved membership status. The representative then scheduled a time and date. The man didn’t think anything about this at first until the time and date he gave came around.

He received a phone call and the same representative responded to him. On the phone, he listened to the voice of his former girlfriend, screaming and begging for help. It seemed she was being tortured before her voice abruptly stopped, a loud thud could be heard followed by an eerie silence."

If that didn't catch your attention, check out the video!

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