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Soooooo... it's not coming home. Sorry England but also, we aren't that sorry because we have had enough of your memes!

If you have been living under a rock and (by some miracle) haven't seen any of the "It's coming home" memes, pictures or songs, then lucky you. It was originally a song by Baddiel, Skinner, and the Lightning Seeds that was made for the England football team during Euro 96, the name comes from the tag-line for the tournament which was "Football Comes Home", referring to the tournament coming to the United Kingdom (where some people think the sport was created).

The song was created because England was hosting the European Championship before which they hadn't hosted a major football tournament since 1966 when England both hosted and won the World Cup. But English fans swallowed their memes on Wednesday when Croatia beat them and then... cue the "It's not coming home memes" which are equally as funny and just a little meaner.

Even though England is the "home of football" they aren't the best at winning their matches so the whole "It's coming home" saying started as a joke at the beginning of the world cup. All of a sudden, the English players started putting points on the board so there was a little hope behind the memes which got crushed shortly after 90 minutes of facing Croatia.

Germany had it's turn, now England... brace yourself for the 2018 soccer world cup memes!

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