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Google is the source of all knowledge. I mean, do millennials even go a day without going onto Google? Does anyone even go a day without using Google? What is life without Google? If you're having an argument with someone and you have to prove you're right, Google it! If you have absolutely no clue how to do something, Google it!

Adulting is literally just Googling how to do adult things! But, what if Google was a person just with a whole lot of files to dish out information. I mean, sure, the line would be insanely long just to get a little bit of info, but at least we'd have human-interaction.

Whatever we search for on Google is private... to an extent. There is no one to judge us if we need to ask a stupid question but, if Google was a person, would she/he be judgy?

And what if you needed to Google your symptoms, what if Google just told you to go to the doctor? The world would fall APART!

Watch below for part 5 of If Google Was A Guy, it's great!

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