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Having a bad day feeling like nothing is going well? Maybe you're even feeling like it's your fault because you feel dumb. We guarantee that this post will make you feel better about yourself. Ever had to explain the simplest thing to someone who just doesn't get it? You just cannot understand how they don't know these things, baffling you to the point of frustration.

I mean, how do you explain to someone that a 'bird leaf' is actually called a feather, or even how to participate in a knock-knock joke (clearly someone's dad wasn't into the whole lame joke thing). No offence, but when the proof is staring at you in the face, you cannot still believe that the earth is flat and that falling off the face of the earth is just a figure of speech.

Not feeling better yet? Well, treat yourself with some genius in the video below! Watch this not-so-smart young lady explain that Planet England is closer to the sun than Planet USA. Yes, really!

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