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Is it even possible to rack up a R37 000 bill at a club? Well, according to these three ladies its pretty easy, the only part you need to worry about is the person responsible for paying running away.

It all starts off in the traditional blesser/blesee arrangement (a sugar daddy) in which he takes the three ladies out to a club in Nelspruit in South Africa to celebrate. They clearly had a good time and were not in the least bit frugal with their drinks of choice, leaving them with a R37 340 (roughly 2,800 US dollars) bill. Wow... well, as you know, the arrangement was that their blesser would pay... until he completely disappeared.

The man reportedly fled the club, leaving the ladies bewildered and understandably in a panic as to how they are going to cough up R37 000. To be fair, R37 000 is totally worth climbing out the bathroom window over...

But after stumbling upon the story that was doing the rounds on social media, the Zero13 club's management team released a statement on their Facebook page saying: "The stories are completely untrue and fabricated, the bill was paid and there were no issues as implied. We would like to ask people to refrain from reposting or posting these stories as they are unfounded and far from true."

One of the girls involved in the blesser scandal also posted on Facebook saying that the video was actually made by one of their friends who just wanted to show off the large bill. However, she promptly deleted the post afterwards.

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