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Date: 2018-09-12

Extreme Cheapskates is an American reality TV series that airs on TLC, it documents the extreme lives of those who hate spending even pennies on necessities.

This episode from season one shows the life of a successful food stand owner who will haggle at a price tag wherever he can, even on GAS! Who knew that was possible?

The 10 most shockingly stupid "money-saving" things people do on Extreme Cheapskates are some you may not even believe!

  1. Drying and re-using your paper towels.
  2. Living without toilet paper. (soap, water and hands) - WTF?
  3. Collecting free drinking water from a local creek.
  4. Covering yourself with cornstarch in the heat instead of using an aircon. (who knows if this even works)
  5. Eating the left behind food at restaurants.
  6. Serving roadkill to dinner guests.
  7. Asking around for free samples, then not buying.
  8. Driving a scrap yard junk car. (when it works)
  9. Unplugging everything when leaving the house.
  10. Flushing only once a week.

NO JOKES, people live like this, don't believe me? Take a look at episode 4 of Extreme Cheapskates below.

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