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We have already proven that celebrities are just normal people who also embarrass themselves and like weird things. They also happen to have talent other than acting and tend to be very good at them. Terry Crews, White Chicks star, is actually an artist and received an art scholarship for Interlochen Centre for arts in Michigan. Before dabbling in a football career, he was a sketch artist for a courtroom and even showcased his work on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

George Clooney makes the girls swoon and the fact that he is a humanitarian makes it even better. He has recently invested in a satellite surveillance program that monitors Omar al-Bashir, Sudan's dictator, in order to warn the innocent civilians when a possible attack is suspected. Geena Davis is a hidden sportswoman who nearly got the opportunity to compete at the Olympics in 2000. She took up archery at 41 years old and made it to the Olympic trials but unfortunately missed by a small margin, she was still crowned the 13th best archer in the US.

The crude, weed-smoking Snoop Dogg from the hood is actually a licensed football coach who runs a youth football league for little kids. If that doesn't make you go aaaaw, even in his busiest times of creating new albums, he still shows up to the majority of the matches and Thursday night practices. And you know the bleach blonde, glitter covered Kesha who drank her own pee on her reality show? her IQ score is 140, her SAT scores were almost perfect and she was part of the international baccalaureate program. She had plans to study psychology and religion at Bernard College all set out but decided to pursue music instead.

The bad-ass Riddick star, Vin Diesel, probably has the nerdiest hobby of all time! He has been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 20 years and has even taught co-stars how to play while on set!

Check out the video for more celebs with amazing and weird talents!

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