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Shopaholics experience a particular feeling very often of, "I didn't even know it existed but I need it NOW". It results in a lot of unnecessary spending and probably many purchases that go untouched.

Let's take ear floss as an example. We wear earrings and occasionally use some rubbing alcohol to clean if necessary but no one really thinks about using anything to clean inside the actual hole – but now you can get ear floss. It comes with a cleaning agent and a long stiff piece of tiny cotton that you pull through your earring holes.

And, if you're an avid fisherman (or woman) going for the big fish and like play a bit of tug of war, you can use this device to stick in the bait fish that makes it move around as if it was still alive. It catches the attention of the predator fish and creates a better chance of inciting a bite!

If you are a McDonalds fan and simply HAVE to stop on the way home from a night out, Saucemoto has your back. It attaches a stand to your air vents in your car which you can balance your sauce in and get easy dipping access with no mess.

If any of these made you say "take my money!" check out the video below for more awesome things you didn't even know you needed.

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